Does the typographic baseline grid manage images and other elements as well?

Since we build a baseline grid to rule our copy on the web, on articles I read, it’s not clear if we should use this base line for giving spaces to other elements of the web as well, such as images for example. Say, for example the baseline is 6px height, so margins of pictures would be multiple of 6px. And same with any dimension I use, my pictures should be then always be a number than can be divided by 6px? having all elements on my web built with that rule. If the baseline is only for the copy, then I can’t see how I could keep the baseline properly for the copy.

Please have a look to what I have.
My baseline is 6px and sizes and spaces of elements follow that as well. I was not aware of “the grid for layout and logical sections.” Would we have two horizontal grids? where could I see that?


I have a feeling the answer would come down to opinions.

In my opinion no, the baseline is for consistent vertical flow. And the grid for layout and logical sections.

The two could be integrated. But may create more design issues than they fix.

You could have baseline with multiples of 4px and a grid with multiples of 7px, as long as it looks good its your call.

They are two separate guide lines developed to aid, but not to govern 😉

Source : Link , Question Author : Franco , Answer Author : Lex

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