Does this poster convey a “Frenchy” look?

In the brainstorming to give a visual identity to the French Language & Usage StackExchange, one of the proposals is to base the design on vintage posters such as this one:

“Chat Noir” vintage poster

But I am afraid that we are a strongly biased audience and would like to ask you whether this kind of graphics feels “Frenchy” to you. Do you associate this visual identity with France, French people, or the French language?

I understand that brainstorming and idea gathering are (understandbly!) off-topic here, so I hope this question passes muster.


The discussion on the FL&U meta shows the community strongly rejects the obvious symbols and has affinity for the antique, so if you were my client I’d probably lean in the direction of the late-19th Century lithograph look, like the one you show. There are great Lautrec lithographs that could provide inspiration, but it’s that hand-drawn, quirky typography that sells the look. Pick the color palette from posters of the period, such as your example or this one:

enter image description here

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