Dots placing incorrectly in multiple language document

I’m translating a book from English to Persian where some of the words need to still be in English and it’s a mix of Right to Left and Left to Right reading directions.

my language is persian and

Persian reads Right to Left, which is fine, but whenever I use dots in my translation it shows up like this:

enter image description here

This is incorrect, the first dot should be before the min like so:

enter image description here

Testing in Microsoft Office Word it works correctly but in Adobe InDesign 2017 it is wrong.

Thanks in advance!


For this problem I use a temporary psd or Ai translator. Search for arabic psd converter. When i encounter this, one even if I am in arabic mode in language. The illustrator or Indesign type tool always write from left to right. Then I search for the solution and this psd text works. First I let the arabic customers to type then highlight the text (in psd) then open a new file in ai choose text then paste then if dots are not in proper place i expand the text then position it. For you case outline also and link to in design. the only problem is positioning.

Source : Link , Question Author : amirhossein , Answer Author : Dodie Eslava

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