Download iPhone pics via shell (terminal)

I’ve recently upgraded my iPhone from an SE to a SE2, and notice that the “Image Capture” app has trouble importing some of the photos. I’ve been holding off from using the “Photos” app as I keep all my photos on a separate drive (NAS) which is filed by Year/Month/Day since my first digicam in 1999 (a Kodak DC290).

For me, “Photos” does too much, I don’t need all that functionality – so I’ve pulled all the photos from the Library in their UUID renamed state, ran an EXIF renamer over them, and have put them onto my NAS that way, however it made me wonder whether there is a way to simply do a “mv” in Terminal to remove the photos from the iPhone into my local DCIM folder (which has a script to then rsync to the NAS).

Anyone know a way to interrogate the iPhone from terminal? (Mac OS 11.0.1)




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