Drag and drop from finder into illustrator without it creating a new document

I’m dropping svg files (about 15 icons) from finder, into my open doc in illustrator, but instead of placing them onto that artboard, illustrator opens up a new document for each one.

How can I get it to just paste into the file I want them in?


I have found that if you click and drag an SVG file, then hold down Shift, as you drop it on the artboard, the object will be placed in the current document. This works on Windows, Illustrator CC 2017, not sure about Mac or older versions of Illustrator. Perhaps you could try it and see.

The behaviour for dragging and dropping SVGs seems to be different compared to other file formats. Clicking and dragging an AI file into Illustrator, or raster image file doesn’t require the Shift key trick.

Source : Link , Question Author : sashaikevich , Answer Author : Billy Kerr

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