Drag to resize canvas size in GIMP the way I do it in MSPaint?

Any time I prefer Microsoft Paint over GIMP it’s because in Paint you can simply and swiftly drag the canvas borders to enlarge it or crop it. I cannot understand why this feature is lacking in other editors.

Is it maybe somehow hidden? Can I do it in gimp?


Changing canvas size in Gimp

In Gimp we can use the Crop tool enter image description here (Shift+C) to quickly drag the canvas to a new size.

To allow growing as well as crop we need to check Allow growing in the toolbox as shown below.

  1. Draw a box for the new size

    enter image description here

    The exact geometry of the new image will be shown in the bottom line while dragging.

  2. Press Enter to apply

    enter image description here

    The new background will be filled with the background colour as soon as we flatten the image to integrate the previous image’s layer.

  3. Click Image / Fix Canvas to Layers if you see “This active layer’s pixels are locked” and the background matches the Gimp GUI.

Source : Link , Question Author : Tomáš Zato – Reinstate Monica , Answer Author : NobleUplift

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