Drawing a text with source light effect

I have a very basic experience with Inkscape and I am trying to make something like this

enter image description here

I tried to use Shadows and shear to change the text orientation but cannot get anything closer
Could you please guide me on how to achieve that result? I appreciate your help


A way to do this in Inkscape is to skew your text and add a perspective effect to a blurred copy of the text itself.

Start with your text:

Original text

Using the handles, you can skew it to give a perspective tense:

Text skewed

Now, duplicate the text by hitting Ctrl-D and draw a rectangle of the same size of the bounding box of the text, snapping to the text:


Convert the Rectangle to path, hit F2 and move the nodes of the rectangle in the desired position of the shadow:

Rectangle as a shape of the shadow

Select one of the text, convert to a path and add the Path effect Perspective/envelope. Please note that once converted to a path the text cannot be edit (I should have written “its” and not “his” … oops!).

enter image description here

Hit F2, move the nodes of the envelope to fit the shape of the rectangle:

Add perspective to the text

Now the rectangle is useless, you can delete it or move it to a hidden layer. Please note that you didn’t need the rectangle to add the path effect, it was just for explanations purposes:

The text with the perspective

Now, lower the text to be used as a shadow, give a slight blur and opacity to its fill:

Blur and opacity to the shadow

Add a background and change the fill of the text:

Final text


Source : Link , Question Author : s.ouchene , Answer Author : Paolo Gibellini

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