Drawing animations like PHDcomics

I’ve been trying to obtain an animation like this one from PHDComics:


Does anybody have a good idea of how to achieve it? or at least on which program is this artist (Jorge Cham) doing the illustration? (Paint, Ai, Ps…?)

What I’ve done so far is doing the illustration on Ai, record the screen and then make the film play faster by about 2000-2500%. But I think Ai is not what I need, coloring becomes complicated.

I tried to contact him without success and I also google it a lot of times, look at interviews etc. He only says he uses a graphic tablet.

Any help is appreciated.



This was done pretty much the way you describe, but with Photoshop. The clue came at 3:04 in the video:

PHD Animation frame

That marquee, cursor and center point affordance are from Photoshop. You can even tell that he has the Shift key held down, because the proportions of the letters don’t change and the cursor isn’t exactly on that corner point.

He’s using a Wacom tablet or (more likely) a Cintiq, along with a nice cartoon font I don’t immediately recognize. Really a lot of work, though, any way you slice it, and very nicely done.

Source : Link , Question Author : Oscar_Wroclaski , Answer Author : Alan Gilbertson

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