Drawing block diagram?

Is there any software that allows to draw block diagrams


Free online options

For something quick, there are a growing number of (usually SVG-powered) free online flow chart tools. Here’s a few that don’t require log-in, all pretty basic but user-friendly:

  • Draw.io (free and open source) – straightforward, allows saving straight to Google Drive or Dropbox. Also has a Desktop version.
  • Gliffy (free up to 5 public diagrams, then pay-for) – clean layout, has a ‘Confluence’ plugin for wikis
  • Other answers on this page recommend LucidChart (freemium) and Cacoo (freemium)

For mac / iOS

Omnigraffle is popular for that sort of thing, if what you want is to make connected-block arrow-heavy flow diagrams quickly.

I don’t use it myself, but I know a few information designers who swear by it as a simple way to put together an outline for a diagram, organise their thoughts and get the layout, content and structure right. They then export to Adobe Illustrator to design the presentation of the final product – you could skip this final step if you’re just making simple diagrams like that.

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For PC

I’ve heard vague but positive things about Visio, and people sometimes describe Omnigraffle as ‘Visio for Mac’ so I think they’re fairly equivalent.

You can also browse software alternative lists like this one.

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