Drop shadow for animated GIF


I don’t know, how I can to make shadow effect for animated GIF. For me good solution in any open source/free program, not Photoshop.


For PNG images I make shadow effect. Example:

PNG shadow effect

But how I can to make similar effect for animated GIF? Example GIF:

Example GIF

I don’t need to edit GIF, I only need add shadow in borders of animated GIF. Perhaps, correct its effect not named «shadow».

Did not help

For PNG I use ShareX and Greenshot programs, but if I try add shadow for GIF like for PNG, output black image for me. I not find answer for my question in Google.


Since v2.19, ScreenToGif lets you add dropshadows to your recordings/animations.

You can manually add the shadows while editing:


Or you can set a task to add the shadow after recording:

Automated task

These are the exported animations (Gif and Apng):



Source : Link , Question Author : Саша Черных , Answer Author : Nicke Manarin

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