Duplicating an entire artwork with contents within it only returns white background – why?

I want to duplicate an entire artboard with all the artworks within it to another location in Illustrator CC, and I think it can be done by pressing and dropping and dragging. However, when I tried it, the resultant artwork is only made up by the entire white background, and all the artworks within the original artboard were not duplicated properly.

And I tried to push the white background back in order to confirm that it just hides all the artworks behind it, but the artworks wasn’t hidden.

So how can I duplicate the entire artwork with all the contents within it?


As long as you are just trying to duplicate the artboard within the same file, you should be able to just pick Duplicate Artboards from the Artboards panel.

As @Lauren Ipsum noted though, you need to be sure all of the content you wish to have duplicated is unlocked. I recommend going to Object > Unlock All or pressing ⌘ / Ctrl / Command+⌥ / Alt / option+2 before duplicating the artboard.

Source : Link , Question Author : Blaszard , Answer Author : apex

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