Easily save .png from Photoshop without any dialog?

I’m currently working on a graphic, where as soon as I update the image (save the file), the window updates itself. However, every time I want to save, I have to switch the file from a PSD to a PNG, set the compression, etc. I’m hoping there’s an option to just Ctrl + S, and have the .png’s file update automatically.

I have tried “Quick Export as PNG” but that doesn’t actually save a file anywhere. Anyone have any advice?


Well, the best, easiest, coolest, fastest way I could ever find of saving as a PNG without confirmation or any other kind of dialog is:

  1. Open your document
  2. Open the Actions tab and Create a new action named PNG FastSave
  3. Go to File -> Save for web&devices
  4. In the upper right corner select PNG instead of GIF and hit Save and choose where to save it.
  5. Go back to Actions tab and Stop Recording

…now, whatever changes you make to your document, when Playing that action it will automatically save it as a PNG over the file that you saved at step 4. To make things even faster you can :

  1. Go to Edit -> Keyboard Shortcurs
  2. Choose Panel Menus from the “Shortcuts For:” dropdown
  3. Click on Actions -> Play from the Panel Menu Command then enter a key-combo for a shortcut (say Shift+Ctrl+/ PS: you actually have to press the combo for it to show) and click OK

Now, whenever you hit that combo (Shift+Ctrl+/) it will automatically save your PNG without any notifications, alerts or whatever.

Clean and fast (tested).

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Source : Link , Question Author : Josh K-H , Answer Author : Alin

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