Efficiently preview thousands of svg icons?

I stumbled on the Papirus icon theme (GPL licenced). One can download the package with thousands of svg-files. Opening every file in Inksacpe or Firefox is not a practical approach to get an overview over all icons. I would like to see 50 icons at once, along with their filename. Is there a free software for that purpose or a {bash, python, …}-snippet which renders N svg files side by side on a png?


Inspired by the comment of Scott, I decided to write my own solution: A python script which generates a static html file including all images, see https://github.com/cknoll/imagedirpreview.

Even with >3000 svg-symbols it is considerably fast, see video:

Video (hosted at VIMEO)

Source : Link , Question Author : cknoll , Answer Author : cknoll

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