Emoji typing support in Illustrator or Photoshop?

Is there any support for emoji in illustrator or photoshop, and if so how do I access it? If not, why and when can we make this happen.


I’ve found a bit of a workaround, hopefully this helps.

System Preferences > Keyboard > Check the box for “Show Keyboard & Character Viewers in menu bar” then close window.

Now on your top menu bar you will see an icon top right like this:
Keyboard Viewer

Select “Show Character Viewer” and in the viewer window that pops up you will see an ‘Emoji’ category, click there.
Emoji Viewer

Then open text edit, and you can either copy and paste or drag and drop directly from the character viewer to the text edit doc.

text edit

Go to the File > Export as PDF

Now you can just open that PDF in Illustrator and get access to the emoji, it may not be super crisp but it’s something!

Source : Link , Question Author : Tyler M , Answer Author : Edrianito

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