End marks: are they a good idea?

I’m currently writing my thesis and I have come up with old thesis that have an end mark at the last chapter. It usually is a small centered sign.

So, my question: should I use it? is it a normal practice? —Please bear in mind that there is nothing about it in my school’s requirements, so anything is possible.

…extra question: Do you happen to know what end marks are better for a technical document, i.e., a PhD Thesis?

EDIT: Here is the last page of Lev Bishop’s PhD thesis so you can see what I’m talking about. (Full thesis here: http://www.levbishop.org/thesis/Bishop-thesis.pdf)
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The sign you are talking about is FLEURON and DINGBAT.

“It can also be used to fill the whitespace that result from the indentation of the first line of a paragraph,on a line by itself to divide paragraphs in a highly stylized way, to divide lists, or for pure ornamentation”

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Every education organisation has its own requirements of how the thesis should be built, thus it is better to follow the rules of your particular institution.

From my point of view you can place tiny beautiful fleurons in your work according to the general theme and topic, it adds value and the feeling of solid work. However, the end point – it is up to you.

Source : Link , Question Author : Mario S. E. , Answer Author : Ilan

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