Enhance Graphic (Web) Design Skills

I’m a web designer and I find myself a bit stuck because of lack of creativity. Do you have any advice, maybe some books or whatever to find some creativity again?

Thank you.


One thing i have found hugely helpful is looking for and keeping images of precedents, new ones for every job. They don’t need to be from the same industry or field; in fact if they aren’t, all the better because it will help you avoid the trap of simply copying and will force you to pull out the concept in a critical thought process. For example, i often enjoy looking at advertising for inspiration for landscape/architectual designs, even if its just the colour palette, simple form, or the arrangement of devices.

As for sources, they are everywhere:

  • on the web, i prefer flickr or deviant type sites as opposed to google since there is a better high-quality:crud work ratio.
  • I also keep books and magazines for flicking through later, i especially value books of past advertising campaigns – they don’t even need to be very recent.
  • take photos of the world, and be aware of your environment. Even just going for a walk can be an incrediably inspiring experience.

And then draw. Sketch all the time – even if your not very good. Designers are primarily visual thinkers and we need to let that flow out. I even find myself just scribbling without purpose just to get started. Sometimes its just starting something is the toughest block to get past.

Remember: ‘Creativity’ never just a brain-flash moment of brilliance, and sometimes you won’t even get one of those at all. A design always needs to be worked out bit by bit; refining, critiquing, adding and subtracting, to get the fullest solution

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