Erasing part of a shape with a stroke in Illustrator

I have an oval shape with a stroke and no fill. I’m trying to erase part of the shape as have something lying on top of the shape and i don’t want them touching. I have tried using the eraser tool but it keep pushing the line away.

Can anyone help with this at all?

Thanks in advance.


Here’s one way it can be done

Outline the stroke, so you can easily edit it.

Outline stroke

Then you can create some other kind of object to be subtracted from the first shape, using Pathfinder. The button you want is on the top row, second from the left (it’s called ”Minus Front“).

Pathfinder, yeah!

The result is a stroke, with your other shape punched out.

The result

Pathfinder is pretty awesome.

Source : Link , Question Author : Josh , Answer Author : Marc Edwards

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