Example of “technology trade”

I am trying to design a web template for my client. I designed a simple template too. but i got the following response from my client.

We need to do a lot of modification
though the color scheme is okay. The
theme should be “Technology trade”
and which should represent IT,
Research Lab Equipments and Sanitation
and Sewerage Equipments. I suggest for
a fusion art of all these three
categories in one shot if possible.

Here i don’t understand what does technology trade actually refers too..

can i get some reference or idea of technology trade


The client actually gave you a decent direction to start, despite the vague wording. You have three categories for photo research, and the emphasis is on “equipment.”

So find a hundred images of machinery and people working on machines which look advanced, complicated, and professional — that is, nothing Mike Rowe would be doing on Dirty Jobs — and you can argue fits into IT, Lab Research, or Sanitation. The Sanitation one is obviously the most difficult, but you’re kind of aiming for this sort of image.

Put together your hundred images and ask the client to pick the ones they like. That will help you refine the theme.

Source : Link , Question Author : KoolKabin , Answer Author : Lauren-Clear-Monica-Ipsum

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