“Exploding” objects apart evenly in inkscape

Just wondering if this is possible by some built in function or a plugin of some sort.

Basically, I need to take a group of objects, and ‘explode’ them apart evenly.

So, if I started with the 4 squares in the first image:
four squares

I need to ‘explode’ them apart by a certain amount, so that the gaps between them are evenly spaced. See second picture for illustration:

spaced apart

I would just select them one at a time and space them by moving them via the arrow keys, but I’ve got a few images that have hundreds of objects that this needs to be done to.


You can open the Align and Distribute panel Shift+Ctrl+A, and use the “Remove overlaps” functionality, even though there are no overlaps.

  1. Select all the objects

  2. In the Align and Distribute panel, set the H and V values the same, say something like 50 for example, and hit the move button.


enter image description here

Source : Link , Question Author : InkscapeUser12345 , Answer Author : Billy Kerr

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