Export a single object in Illustrator without the other objects to SVG code

So I am pretty much desperate by now.

I am a web developer and -designer, but I don’t use Illustrator. I just don’t need it at all.
The file that I got from the graphic designer contains two artboards with several icons spread all over these. I need to export every single icon as SVG.

So I selected every object, clicked Object > Artboards > Fit to Selected Art and exported that. I was a little worried because the SVG Code I got from that was very bloated and had so many paths defined in it, that I couldn’t add classes to it without having to fear that I am doing something wrong.

When I opened the exported svg to look if I did something wrong, the whole icon, wrapped by the artboard borders was there, with all the other icons below a grey overlay (!!!). So all the other paths were actually in every single SVG file.

I tried everything but it just doesn’t work. I cant go in 50 files to delete all the code.

Any solutions?


Not sure I 100% understand your question, but sounds like you have many icons and only need one…?

  • Just create a new document in illustrator.
  • Copy over the icon you need.
  • Select the icon, then choose File > Document Setup > Edit Artboards
  • Then in the top left choose Presets: Fit to selected art. Then save
    as an .svg

If there are other icons/objects in the scene you have to delete them or the .svg will become bloated.

If you have to do this with all you icons it can be a very tedious task. I’ve been there.

Hope that helps.

Source : Link , Question Author : Nachtfunke , Answer Author : daugaard47

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