Export Adobe Photoshop color table (.ACT) file as csv file

How do I export Adobe Photoshop color table (.ACT) files as csv files?


Well, in photoshop you do not. But the file itself is just a list of 8bit binary rgb colors (according to adobe). So converting that to a csv should be pretty trivial to do with say python for example, you could also do it with jsx but its a bit more involved.

Here is a quick python example (quickly tested on the run):

# -*- coding: utf-8 -*-
# act2csv.py quick script no warranties whatsoever
import struct
import csv

DATA = []

with open("test.act", "rb") as actFile:
    for _ in range(256):
        raw = actFile.read(3)
        color = struct.unpack("3B", raw)

with open('test.csv', 'wb') as csvfile:
    csvWriter = csv.writer(csvfile)

Source : Link , Question Author : Peter Raeth , Answer Author : joojaa

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