Export InDesign to Excel or Word

I’m working with an InDesign file and now I need to get the file translated in a few languages. The translators that I’m working with asked for an excel or word file. Is there an integrated InDesign functionality or a plugin to export all the sentences in excel or word and then re-import the translations back?

This would speed up the whole process by a lot.


Doing that in Word is less than ideal because then it would be tricky to reimport the translated sentences in the right place, assuming you don’t speak the target language. You could use a table though to keep the phrases in the right order (eg. a column with the source language and one with the target language), but at that point it makes more sense to use an Excel file.

That said, check out Redokun (disclaimer: I’m a Co-Founder) which is built to do just that. It extracts all the sentences in a Microsoft Excel or XLIFF file, then you can forward the file to your translator and finally when he or she has translated the file, you can import the file on Redokun and get back the translated InDesign file.

Of course, there are other tools, like InPagina or other paid plugins but they are more oriented to the ‘database publishing’ approach.

Source : Link , Question Author : Apolline Gouged , Answer Author : paul.ago

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