Export objects to separate files in Illustrator

Is there a way to export objects to separate files in Illustrator?

  • The output I want is AI or vector files, not raster images.
  • The objects are not on separate artboards, and I am looking for a solution that does not require them to be. (Putting the objects into separate art boards would take as much time as copying and pasting them into separate documents, which is what I am trying to streamline.)

My use case: I am designing characters in a font, and each font contains upwards of a hundred characters. I need to get each character into a separate file in order to bulk import them into my font program.


Yes, there is a way to do this! It is somewhat of a workaround but this is the best option I have found and I use it regularly.

If you are using a version of Illustrator that has the “Asset Export” window feature that is the best tool for this.

  1. Open the Asset Export Window (I like to keep it on my right side panel for easy access)
  2. Select everything you would like to save out to a separate art board by itself in a new file
  3. Drag it into the panel
  4. Make the selection to export as SVG
  5. Once the SVG is saved, the default settings to open file will probably be a web browser. You will just want to change the default to Illustrator.
  6. Open the SVG with Illustrator and you will have what you need.

Pro-tip: If you have not used this before, you can actually save out multiple assets at one time. AMAZING. I recommend you do a quick video/tutorial to get familiar with the functionality of this feature or just play around. There are some cool features to know about when it comes to naming the files and sizing them properly.

Source : Link , Question Author : supertrue , Answer Author : Jaki Hale

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