Export photoshop layer with blending option: screen applied on it [duplicate]

I was trying to export the photoshop layer as save for web that has a blending option screen set to it which makes it lighter.

enter image description here

But when I hide other layers and try to export that pink overlay that has screen set as blending option it gives me the darker version of it that is below.

enter image description here

I think its exporting it with normal blending option.


Screen blending mode is only a Photoshop mode, so when you export it to (JPG, PNG, etc) it flattens the layers and saves how it thinks it should. Blending modes do not exist for these files.

Try saving your photo as part of your image export. If you need to use the same Gradient over several images, just save the process as an action and let the action do all the hard work of repeating the process.

Source : Link , Question Author : Omer , Answer Author : Consume Coffee

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