Export photoshop layers programatically to individual pngs of different sizes

Hi there I’m trying to export all of the layers in my .psd to .pngs/.jpegs and I am having trouble exporting them so that the sizes of the individual .pngs are the size of the image they contain.

I have seen this thread which has a script that almost does this but since I’m a new user here I can’t comment on it…if the creator of that script (Johannes) could respond i would be very grateful.


Have you heard of http://macrabbit.com/slicy/? I started using this and it makes it extremely easy to export all layers as .png or .jpg. with one click. From what I remember it makes the .png the same size as the image it contains. Might be worth looking into. It’s made life easier for me.

Source : Link , Question Author : daveroz , Answer Author : MMarye

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