Export set of layers in Pixelmator

So I’m new to graphic design as a whole, but I’ve worked with layered PSD files before. I don’t have Photoshop, but I do have a copy of Pixelmator. Clearly a cheaper alternative, but obviously not Photoshop.

So, I created a layered file in Pixelmator and now I want to implement it. Obviously there are situations where a couple layers together need to make a single image. How can I export those layers without copying the layers and making a new file just to export them?

Can’t I export those layers from that master file?


You can merge those layers (select layers in the Layers palette, Control-click and choose Merge Layers), and then drag the layer to Desktop from the Layers palette.

Once you exported those layers, undo the merge if you want to keep layers for later.

Source : Link , Question Author : Mike Perrenoud , Answer Author : Aušra

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