Export to multiple PNGs from a single PSD

I don’t anything about graphic design so please bear with me.

I bought an icon set and it included the psd for the icons. I change the color of the icons and now need to export all the icons to PNGs. That is, a PNG for each icon. All the icons are in the same PSD.

How can I do this? Do I have to select one icon at a time and export them individually or is there a way to export the whole batch at once to individual PNGs?


You will probably want to export them individually.

Look at the PSD…the icons are all in one layer but arranged on a grid..ie. each icon is 32×32, 64×64 etc. If this is the case you can either change your document grid spacing (edit > preferences > grids & guide) to match, or create “guides” (view > new guide) to match.

Then with grids/guides setup…and view > “snap to” turned on you can use the ‘rectangular marquee’ tool to select each icon, copy then File > New (should already the same size as the icon in the clipboard) then paste and save for web.

Source : Link , Question Author : rjgonzo , Answer Author : Aztral

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