Exporting artwork at specific size in Illustrator CC

I have the following artwork in the latest version of Illustrator CC:

artwork in illustrator

Ignore the black rectangle, I only added that so that you and I can actually see the artwork (not sure if there is a better way).


How can I export this artwork with the following criteria:

  1. Height: 40px
  2. Padding top and bottom: 12px
  3. Padding left and right: 0px

As PNG format.

Is this doable? I cannot find any of these things in the export window.


Yes it’s doable.

  • Create a new document (or an artboard) the size you want in pixels.
  • Switch on the rulers, and add guides for the padding.
  • Enable the pixel preview
  • Paste your artwork, resize/position as necessary.

enter image description here

  • Edit the artboard size so that there is no gap left or right.
  • File > Export > Export for Screens (or you can use Save for Web and use the “clip to artboard” option)

enter image description here


enter image description here

Source : Link , Question Author : J86 , Answer Author : Billy Kerr

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