Eye Marks in Packaging – Technical Question

I am a packaging Graphic Designer. I normally worked in packaging for homewares and some food but now working in beauty.

I have looked at all our different components and cannot figure out some details about eye marks. My understanding of eye marks are that they tell the machine where to cut or crimp the product. If this is correct should the eye mark hit the edge of the product? or should the eye mark hit the lower edge of the crimp? also does the eye mark height have anything to do with the size of the crimp? All the products I looked at were not consistent. See images below:

Eye mark sitting just below the crimp

Eye mark sitting on the crimp

Any more technical info in regards to specifications and placement of eye marks would be great.



The eye mark indicates not where the cut will be, it indicates when to cut.

The optical sensor can be a few milimeters away from the cut itself. The sensor see the mark, the cuter cuts.

The manufacturer need to give you a specific template for the type of machine they have, and how they have it configurated.

Source : Link , Question Author : user3299565 , Answer Author : Rafael

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