Feedback: Kerning with loose tracking

I am currently designing a record cover and I am having some issues with the kerning of the album name and artist due to the loose tracking. I am struggling to ensure the space between the letters are balanced as there is just so much of it. Do any further adjustments need to be made to the kerning to ensure the typography is balanced? Do you have any tips for kerning typography with loose tracking?

The type is set at 10pt in Avenir Next Demi Bold and the tracking is set to 400.

enter image description here


Just my opinion- I like the way you have it set up with the loose tracking.

I made just a couple tweaks- I thought there was a bit too much space in “sam” also between the A,C,and R of “acres” so I adjusted the kerning to -75 from where you had it.

enter image description here

Source : Link , Question Author : Lily S , Answer Author : Kyle

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