Figuring out what Photo Stream is uploading exactly

Even though I have unchecked the Automatic Upload of Photo Stream on Aperture (same on iPhoto), I can see through Little Snitch that it is hogging my upload bandwith constantly.
When I wait (hours, days..) to see what was uploaded, nothing is added to my photo stream.

Is there any way to figure out live what is being uploaded?

Here is what the Console returns when I block Photo Stream’s outgoing connections:

MSPublisher - 1307885906 Encountered temporary network issues during upload. Will try again later...

Thank you!

enter image description here


If Aperture’s activity window isn’t showing you the file name of what is being uploaded then my suggestion is a bit terminal intensive (you’ve been warned).

$ sudo fs_usage | grep ‘DSC_’

you can replace what’s in the ‘ ‘ with the beginning of your image names or even the suffix of .jpeg or .nef or what have you. You should even be able to write ‘Aperture’ just make sure that Aperture isn’t in the foreground because that will give you automatic outputs from window server displaying the application being drawn.

This will output a list updated every millisecond of what files are being touched. So close all other programs you don’t need and let Aperture try to do it’s thing and terminal print it out. Fingers crossed!

Source : Link , Question Author : Anas , Answer Author : Andrew U.

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