Finding a clean, corporate sans font whose capital “A” has vertical sides / a square-ish top?

I’m looking for a font for the base of a corporate logo – a clean, fairly geometric, sharp sans-serif (Helvetica-esque, basically).

My specific unusual requirement for one of my ideas is that the capital A has a square or square-ish top and vertical sides, rather than a pointed triangle. So, for example, the lower two-thirds of the A should resemble a H, and the window in the A should be a little similar to that of a P except symmetrical (either rounded or square is fine).

This is fairly unusual, and I know I’m going to have to do quite a lot of modifications, but I’m cautiously optimistic that there’s something out there which would serve as a good base and minimise the amount of font-hacking I need to do. If I can’t find anything, I’ll experiment with hacking something together using a suitable font’s H and P.

A great answer would be either:

  • A font with this sort of A in as close as possible to the above simple, clean, geometrically balanced, corporate style
  • Or, better still, some reliable steps I can take to filter my font browsing to fonts with this type of A. So far, I’ve not found any way to do this.

To give one example, Nova Square (thanks PieBie) has the type of A shape I’m looking for – but it’s too much of a sci-fi-ish typeface than the clean sharp corporate look I’m aiming for:

enter image description here

Here’s a crude example I made earlier:

enter image description here


OK, had some time for Googling around, so prepare for some options. I know not all of these are what you’re looking for, but I still wanted to leave them for future passers-by.

Moderna Family

enter image description here

  • this font has both a square A and a triangular one
  • lots of options (unicase or not, condensed, …)
  • readable, modern sans

Hallandale JNL

enter image description here

  • Tight Sans font
  • Readable, even at smaller sizes
  • Only one thickness though 🙁

Schwager Sans

enter image description here

  • Another one offering both A’s
  • Personally like this one very much
  • Alternate characters add a distinguishing dimension

Bruum FY Family

enter image description here

  • A bit of a different kind of A
  • A nice, readable sans with character
  • Not too rounded, but has some nice details

Isbit Family

enter image description here

  • A bit more playful than Moderna
  • Quite rounded
  • Provides alternates

Rotundus Rounded

enter image description here

  • As the name suggests: very rounded
  • Playful, yet stylish
  • Maybe too rounded for your purpose, but I kinda like it

Design System B

enter image description here

  • Comes from a versatile and very, very extensive font family (Be sure to check C and D too for different letter heights)
  • Futuristic and distinctive

Source : Link , Question Author : user56reinstatemonica8 , Answer Author : PieBie

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