Finding a suggestion or real name for the new illustration style

It is common knowledge that Flat Design is getting outdated, the new illustrators are opening doors to several options that have been underestimated in recent years. While Flat Design appeared as a reaction to Skeuomorphism, where practically nullified all the techniques that this revealed, little by little the design is moving away from this rigidity, and, without going back, find a review of the techniques recently passed.

Following a scheme of these styles, and reviewing works of more avant-garde illustrators, the sequence could be the following:



Flat Design

Flat Design

Jan Kallwejt

Flat Design 2.0

Flat Design 2.0

Malika Favre



Michal Sawtyruk

In this question I answered naming the new design Flat 3.0, which obviously is not the right name. The new style is a consequence, renewal and advancement of flat design, but it almost has little or anything from Flat Design, beyond the exaltation of the vector images and the negation of bitmap effects (Despite being made in Photoshop 😁).


Michal Sawtyruk


Matthew Lyons


Hey Studio

This new style has no name, in Internet there are pages with descriptions or qualifying adjectives but there is no name that identifies it despite having a common technical and stylistic basis. I see parallelism in composition, colors and form with impressionism. I choose Vector impressionism.

Le Suicidé

Le Suicidé, Édouard Manet

enter image description here

Last Dream, Leonid Afremov

Although the evolution of Skeuom, Flat and Flat 2.0 was marked by the interface design, sure soon we will find web designs with this new style, or maybe there are already, any link?

Does anyone have an idea of ​​the real name or knowing a place to find a suggestion for the name of this new illustration style?


I am not sure that tendencies evolution and styles are linear, but that was a nice explanation.

The examples you posted reminds me of a retro style of architectural visualizations of the 50’s, and 70’s. There are some stylistic elements, like a board brushstroke, but for me, the main element is:

“Perspectivism”, “Perspective 1.0” or “flat perspective”

As the Avangard movements in the 20th century (or a lot of artistic movements for that matter), one main premise is to break pre-existing premises.

In this case, if you want to break the previous visual style of, not only flat but clearly 2 dimensional, the obvious choice would add depth, add perspective.

I remember this webpage that is now offline 🙁

and a previous tendency was the glossy and transparent effects. These examples explore more the perspective lines than the textures or the materials.

Another example of the post-flat style is isometric design:

These ones explore, again, perspective.


Stealing user207001 idea, let’s call it “Perpe”

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