Fireworks slices for Dreamweaver

I am designing a website and am planning on slicing up my template in Fireworks and then exporting it to Dreamweaver. When this is done it does of course go into a table. I have a title and nav bar with a left section to the right of a main content section, with a footer at the bottom.

I was wondering if it is possible to make it so that if the main content section expands (with for example a blog), I can make the footer move down and the left content section to stay where it is (using slices)?


I realize this is a 2012 question, however even in June of 2012 this applied…..

No one should probably be slicing layouts anymore.

With the improvements in Cascading Style Sheets (CSS) and PNG32 support there’s little need for slicing anything. And tables should never be used for layout purposes. Tables are for tabular data only. With the use of CSS you can easily have one section of a page with expands. And if images are used correctly, the image can adjust accordingly.

Forget about slicing anything. Learn to use background images in CSS. It will make your coding experience 358% more enjoyable.

Here are a few CSS tutorial links:

(I’m not directly endorsing the links. Just things I found with a quick search.)

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