Fireworks States: Does any other layout tool have an equivalent feature?

I’m dropping Fireworks as my main tool for web layouts. It’s just too slow and Adobe isn’t supporting it anymore.

Is there another tool that can do something similar to Fireworks’ states? Photoshop layer comps don’t do it for me. This feature is probably the reason I head over to Fireworks way too often.


Illustrator layers

I’ve successfully used Illustrator to mock up site and application states in a collaborative environment.

The trick is highly organized use of layers.

  1. Collect all element layers of a view in a parent group.
  2. Within the parent, collect states in their own groups, including modal views.

For some things, like simple button changes, it makes sense to have the states together in the same group. The problem becomes finding those states in a complicated UI.

By using standardized and descriptive labels for the groups, anyone coming into the file can quickly assess the states of that view.

Source : Link , Question Author : Marten Zander , Answer Author : Community

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