Flowing/Blob-like fitting together

I am trying to create some blobs that flow into each other and take up the entire artboard (kind of like this image but not as much lines as shapes similar to my attempt below).

In Inkscape I used the star tool along with the randomization parameter to create shapes seen below. This is somewhat adequate, but I’d like to have the shapes flow into/around each other more than the layered look you see here.

I can get access to Illustrator if I need to.

layered random shapes

Is there a way to better make them flow into each other?


With Illustrator, I’d basically use the same technique I posed in this question.

Create base artwork.
Object > Envelope Distort > make with Mesh
Adjust the mesh.

enter image description here

Once you have the mesh, you can move the mesh points, add new ones, etc to create different “blobs”.

enter image description here

I started with rectangles but really you can start with any configuration of objects which touch each other – heck, even if they overlap a little it won’t matter for the mesh. Using the mesh will keep shapes from overlapping and leading to the “layered’ perception. Rectangles, or straight edges which butt against each other help to ensure that no “gaps” are created when moving things around in the mesh though.

It’s also possible to use more automated adjusting such as rotating a couple mesh points, scaling mesh points, etc. rather than manually moving everything.

You can also readjust the colors by using Object > Envelope Edit Contents and merely changing a fill color

enter image description here

Or add more objects.. Drew 2 circles, copied, Edit Mesh contents, select a rectangle, paste in front, then move to front so they are on top of all the rectangles.

enter image description here

Source : Link , Question Author : Zach Saucier , Answer Author : Scott

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