Folder to put fonts for Illustrator CS6 without having to install fonts in system

I remember there used to be a folder I could just put fonts in and they would work for Adobe InDesign. I thought it was a folder called fonts in the same directory the InDesign document was. I tried that for an Illustrator file. I created a folder next to the Illustrator file called fonts and put my fonts in there. But Illustrator doesn’t see the fonts.

I don’t want to install the fonts on the system. Is there a simple folder I can put fonts into? Ideally the folder is next to the Illustrator file itself so that I can simply zip up the file and fonts folder and send it to people.


I believe this is what you’re after. I’ve always thought it a strange practice but, Adobe has provided it’s own fonts directory going back a long way.

Windows Program Files/Common Files/Adobe/Fonts

Mac OS Library/Application Support/Adobe/Fonts

I believe some font managers also allow you to activate a set of fonts based on application.

— update —

FontExplorer is my favorite font manager and apparently it has app-based sets (I knew I remember that from somewhere 😉

Activation control with application-based sets and font request view

This is news to me, but apparently InD has supported document-level activation since CS5:

Fonts in a Document Fonts folder that is in the same location as an InDesign document are temporarily installed when the document is opened.

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