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I really think I should know this but it is escaping me: what is the style of font where all the of the x-height or is it midline parts of a font match up.

For instance AFPK would have the middle line or junction be the same height. As well as Fa having the top of the a and the middle bar or the F.

Added a visual:
Center line at same height Adso font


I’m not sure if there’s a name for such a characteristic, but what can help is to look for Modular fonts. There are many geometric fonts results.

Modular implies that the partitions are equal, so each module is faithfully respected by parts of the letter, like Matthew Wahl Blocks fonts:

enter image description here

Adjust the search to modular sans serif fonts to get more varied and less structured results like Veronica

enter image description here
Black Tulip from

enter image description here

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