Font viewer for Windows (a Character Map alternative) with CSS

I have a strong need in a Windows utility like Character Map with a feature of showing CSS classnames for the characters.

That’s because I use icon libraries e.g. Ionicons or Font Awesome in my designs and need to search for the css class for every single icon I used when transferring specs to the developer. It’s not handy to look for it every time in browser so I guess it should be a dedicated utility I’m not familiar with. If somebody could suggest what utility to use, it would be extremely helpful!

Here is a screenshot if I was not clear enoughenter image description here


Instead of using a 3rd party software, that is bound to have the same problems with as your browser experience, try bringing the items into your software as slightly more intelligent entities. You do not mention what software you use but you can easily bring in the symbols/shapes/library items into any adobe suite application.

enter image description here

Image 1: Font awesome as symbols with class names in Illustrator

Now you can go further and easily script automatic annotation of these items too… So do not think external app think extend your app.

Source : Link , Question Author : Estel , Answer Author : joojaa

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