Fonts: screen vs paper

One thing I keep reading, especially in discussions about fonts for the Kindle, is that some fonts were designed for print but that nowadays designing fonts for onscreen use should be a consideration, and diffferent fonts should be used.

Aren’t they both exactly the same thing; the decoration of a 2d surface which either reflects (in the case of the kindle) or emits (in the case of a phone screen or monitor) glyphs representing letters, numbers and punctuation?

Is it simply a resolution issue? Would people not have this issue if the DPI of the device was, say, 100,000 DPI rather than a couple of hundred?


Is it simply a resolution issue?


And we’re almost to the point where that issue is gone. Kindles, iPhones, iPads, all of the high-retina and e-paper devices now have resolutions that are nearly on par with paper so the issues that we had in the past due to the limited number of pixels we had at our disposal for each glyph are significantly lessened.

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