Fonts with ambiguous / similar characters

I’m looking for a font with deliberately ambiguous Latin characters.

i.e. where symbols like O0, 8B, Il1, 5S, 2Z, 6b, 9g, are either identical or visually indistinct.

Certain fonts like Arial have some degree of ambiguity – but I can’t find a font which is specifically designed to have as many homographs as possible.


Your best bet will probably handwritten fonts. The indiscriminate and visual lack of precision will help your cause. I gave a quick search through my own font collection and these were the closest I found:

  • Architect’s Daughter
  • Bauhaus 93 Regular
  • CityBlueprint Regular

The best I found was Architect’s Daughter from Google Fonts:

enter image description here

Source : Link , Question Author : Terence Eden , Answer Author : Ryan

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