Free software suggestion use with drawing tablet

I recently purchased a Wacom to do some basic drawing on the computer (caricatures, etc.). This is primarily to save paper.

But I am overwhelmed with the number of software available. Any kind of professional or non-professional tool would do. The OS is not important as I have both Linux and Windows.

I tried Inkscape and Adobe Photoshop, but both are way too complex. Meanwhile, MS Paint doesn’t have enough features. My drawings are extremely simple and I do not need a lot of special effects, such as layers, lightning effects etc.

Can anyone suggest a free software?


How about Krita ?

It’s a nice free, open source painting program. I don’t actually own a tablet, but this software felt like it was designed to be used with a tablet.

enter image description here

Source : Link , Question Author : infoclogged , Answer Author : P.Haka

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