Fresh Catalina install (10.15.6) generates flood of diskarbitrationd and deleted daemon messages. How to stop them?

Since doing a fresh install of Catalina (10.15.6) last week, my machine’s Console has been flooded with messages from the deleted daemon and diskarbitrationd. The deleted daemon is consuming significant CPU time (30%). Together there are about 100 messages per second being logged in the console at peak times, between the two processes.

The machine has a 2TB drive. I see the drive as 2 volumes, one I created and the other with the same name with ” – Data” appended. I’m unfamiliar with why there’s this 2-volume configuration with the newer installations, but I am starting to suspect that this is related to this problem.

In the Console display, I see some entries like the following image. The highlighted one is the only one that contains further details in the lower panel.

Detail from Console

Other sections of the Console entries look more like this:

enter image description hereThere is no useful information in the console entries for the disarbitrationd messages: it just says <private> in the lower panel.

I’m interesting in resolving the underlying problem but would also welcome guidance as to how I might at least temporarily block the massive CPU consumption of the deleted daemon as a temporary measure.


Source : Link , Question Author : Fitter Man , Answer Author : Community

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