From Freehand to Illustrator CS6

What is the best way to convert a file from freehand to Illustrator CS6?

I tried different methods:

  • Illustrator 7: Go to an old computer open the freehand file and export as Illustrator 7. Then go to the new computer open Illustrator CS6 and open the Illustrator 7 file. It works but things are moved and I need hours to put everything in order.

  • Illustrator CS4 or Illustrator CS5: Go to the old computer, open Illustrator CS4 or CS5. Go to file > open and go to the Freehand file. I can open the Freehand but everything are moved.

  • EPS: Go to the old computer open the freehand file and export as .eps. Everything is in place but the colors change. Even when the colors are in the same Pantone number, the perception in the screen is really different. I do not understand why?

  • PDF: Go to the old computer open the freehand file and export as .pdf. Then open the .pdf with Illustrator CS6. Everything is in place the colors in the screen are the same but I loose the information of the number of Pantone of each color.

I need hours to restore-update old files.

Do you know any better method or a way to solve the problems of the commented methods?


A bulk solution to at least get things converted.

If you have access to Illustrator CS4 (it may also work in later versions), you can try this script.

Unfortunately, there is nothing I’m aware of that will work perfectly in all cases. You’re going to have to double-check the final files.

Keep an archive of original and converted versions. The Freehand community is quite large and passionate about their software. You might be surprised what solutions appear in the future.

Source : Link , Question Author : Nrc , Answer Author : Community

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