Fully Importing A Saved Colour Palette In Illustrator?

Is there any way to fully import a saved colour palette into Illustrator? I once saved a colour palette from one project and wanted to import the colours for use in another project, but I found that the imported colour palette was separate from the second project.


On Mac OS X, Illustrator maintains these types of files in a couple different locations:

  • ~/Users/philipr/Library/Application Support/Adobe/Adobe Illustrator CS4/en_US/Swatches/
  • ~/Applications/Adobe Illustrator CS4/Presets.localized/en_US/Swatches/

There are all sorts of items you have pre-loaded into Adobe apps from within those folders.

I don’t work in Windows, but I would imagine the locations would be the equivalnts of the user settings and the application presets folders.

Source : Link , Question Author : JFW , Answer Author : Philip Regan

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