Function to format the local time

This is a statement that I use a lot in my code base:


Should I create a static method for this or is it overkill?

public static String getTodaysDateInFormat(String format){
  return (;


In general I think it’s OK to do so, because readability is improved, and DRY principle is encouraged.

But I’d make it a bit more generic not relying on and pass this as a parameter:

public static String getDateInFormat(DateTime d, String format) {
    return d.format(DateTimeFormatter.ofPattern(format));

The call

String formattedDate = getDateInFormat(,"ssmmHHddMMMuu");

is still shorter, and better readable.

Last but not least try to give that function a name, that expresses more precisely what it does. Something like formatDateToString() maybe.

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