Generate/Extract for Illustrator?

Is there a way (plugin, add-on, etc) to export assets from Illustrator the way one does with Photoshop Generate? I’m finding myself spending a lot of time meticulously separating everything into many many artboards, and it would be very helpful if I could just have each group output to a different subfolder (dare I say, even exported at different sizes), and then be able to drop the elements into my layouts (or animations…or link them in my code). I believe that Illustrator and SVG is clearly the future of web design/dev, but the workflow (as it stands) is atrocious. I’ve done a bit of digging online to no avail. The artboards do work, but they are massively tedious to separate, and it doesn’t allow separation of overlapping elements the way I’d like.

P.S.: Any useful tools for speeding up a vector => website workflow are also very welcome. I find myself spending way too much time on the export as my procedure stands now, and any way I can streamline it is a step forward!


You can use Slices in Illustrator to export images using Save For Web.

Slices in Illustrator

I’d advise against using Illustrator to export image assets. It has many issues, like non-dithered gradients, worse shape antialiasing than Photoshop (and other apps), and other problems.

Source : Link , Question Author : AVLien , Answer Author : Marc Edwards

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