Get Cadbury Dairy Milk colors using Adobe color wheel

I am looking at the Cadbury Dairy Milk colors on this link and obviously the colors are well matched and complementary.

So I try to generate something similar using a tool like Adobe color wheel but I really can’t seem to be able to do it.

Any help to figure it out will be very appreciated.

NB: There are other questions about suggestions for tools to use to create palette. Adobe kuler and paletton are among the popular recommendations, but using them in the obvious/standard ways doesn’t lead to this specific color combo, hence the question.


Use the personalized option and move each color selector individually.

enter image description here

Design is not a recipe, it should be a methodology, and fortunately, it still has one human component of “taste” and personal preferences.

Complementary does not mean an exact mathematical opposite. It is also relative, because there are many “opposites” depending on which you define as the opposite.

Color is a 3D solid, not a 2 D circle; there are several color models, each having its own opposites. Lab, RGB+CMY, RYB, etc, even if you want an “exact opposite” you still have room to choose from.

Take a look at this: Is there a standard for color wheels? I have some observations on the color wheel used in that website.

Source : Link , Question Author : Yogesch , Answer Author : Rafael

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