Getting a job in the game design industry

I graduated college with a bachelors degree in Business Administration and Digital Media. I have been working with 3D modeling for about a year now and am really interested in trying to become a game designer or a 3D designer. Through the past year, I have made a few projects using Blender and am continuing to improve my designing skills.

I am struggling to find companies that will hire me because I haven’t had any experience in game design and am not fully knowledgeable about the industry. My question is how do I get my foot in the door in the gaming industry? Where should I look for a “starter job” so that I get experience and can move up to bigger companies?


It’s going to be tough without much experience and a degree in a related field. Not sure how involved your Digital Media degree would transfer over to the gaming industry. I see plenty of jobs these days that require 2 years of work experience and a degree in a related field just for an entry level position. It is certainly possible to find a job without this but will not be easy.

  • I would suggest looking at 3D modeling classes at your local community college to gain some experience. This would make getting an internship much easier.
  • You will definitely want an online portfolio if you have not made one. If you do not know how to code, you can use wordpress. This will be the most important part in selling yourself.
  • Maybe you can start working for a company with your Digital Media degree and eventually transfer departments after enough experience doing 3D modeling.
  • Internships, this would be your best bet in gaining work experience.
  • Maybe you can do some freelance work with your design skills. You can potentially sell your designs online.
  • You will also want to narrow down on what specific type of job you will want to do in the gaming industry. Whether that be character modeling, level design etc.

I would keep in mind that it costs a company a lot of money to hire new employees. It would be a risk to hire someone with little experience when it there is likely someone who is more qualified.

Source : Link , Question Author : Cody Lynch , Answer Author : AndrewH

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