Getting a vector shape from an EPS file into Photoshop CS4

I have an EPS file with some shape. A good example would be the Twitter EPS files:

How can I import an EPS vector shape into my Photoshop CS4, without rasterizing it? I want to get the vector shape into a shape layer.


The most straightforward way is to open the file in Illustrator, copy, then paste into a Photoshop document. Choose “Shape Layer” in the dialog.

Less directly, you could place the file as a Smart Object (or use File > Open as Smart Object), double-click the thumbnail in the Layers Panel to open in Illustrator, then copy and paste.

If you don’t specifically need the graphic to be a shape layer, but just want it to be able to scale, you can leave it as a Smart Object so it will re-render the vector information at whatever size or resolution you choose.

Photoshop Only

Step 1: Create a large new document (much larger than you will need) and Place the EPS and drag it out to fill the document.

Step 2 version 1 (creates a vector brush):

Choose Edit > Define Brush Preset... and name your new “brush”

This gives you a vector brush that you can size as needed.

Step 2 version 2 (creates a shape):

  • Cmd-click on the layer thumbnail for your EPS so it becomes a selection.

  • Switch to the Paths panel, and from the flyout menu choose “Make Work Path”

  • Select .5 pixel as the tolerance

  • Choose “Edit > Define Custom Shape”

The caveat with version 2 is that the path will not be as smooth as with version 1 because of anti-aliasing, so it is very important to use a very large document (so you have lots of pixels) to reduce unevenness in the path.

Source : Link , Question Author : meh , Answer Author : Alan Gilbertson

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